The Manager, Student Support Services is responsible for planning, organizing, directing the services provided by the sub units of the Student Support Services Division viz., Guidance and Counselling, Social Work, Special Education and the Diagnostic Prescriptive Services.


– Articulates the vision and mission of SSSD in accordance with Government’s policy.
– Develops, critically analyses and informs policies and practices within, and related to, the school system.
– Prepares and delivers formal presentations before various public and private concerns, attends meetings, conferences and seminars.
– Participates on interviewing panels to select personnel for various services.
– Prepares and/or amends confidential reports.
– Prepares the annual budget for the Student Support Services Division at Central Administration.
– Critically analyses reports from subordinate officers and informs on critical issues arising out of reports.
– Coordinates the preparation of reports of finances, staffing and programmes.
– Chairs meetings of Guidance & Counselling & Social Work Service and the Special Education and Diagnostics Prescriptive Service.
– Supervises the work of subordinate staff within the SSSD.
– Advises on training and recruitment of staff for the SSSD.
– Manages the assignment of staff within the SSSD. 


– Sound leadership and managerial skills.
– Effective communication and presentation skills.
– Have a sound grounding in the principles and practices of education.
– Sound project management skills.
– Have considerable knowledge of the construction, administration and interpretation of psychological tests.
– Have extensive knowledge of the principles and practice of the disciplines of Guidance and Counselling, Special Education and Social Work.
– Considerable knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the Education System and children.


 A Master’s degree in Special Education and/or Guidance and Counselling.
– Five (5) to Eight (8) years’ management experience.
– At least six (6) years’ experience in a senior administrative position in the education system in the areas of Guidance and Counselling, Special Education and/or Social Work.

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